About Us

The Nerdz Brand is less about us and more about the game -- it's more about the sport. Sport has inspired us to create a clothing brand that covers the athlete from the beginning of the day to the end, giving you swag on and off the court. The game is where the brand begins. Our mission is to grow the brand and lifestyle we have always lived. We serve as the one stop shop for the students of the game.



Owner's Note:   

"The lessons we learned through the game of basketball provided us so much opportunity. To name a few, the game has taught us how to love and how to dream; The game taught us time management; It has taken us across the world, and gave us education; The game has given us family figures and a community; It has taught us pain, heartbreak and defeat; It taught us how to heal and how to move forward by attacking everyday with the mind set of getting better and better. Through our experience with the game of basketball, we have learned that not only is being a student of the game being determined, disciplined and allowing adversity to teach us how to get better, but it is also a way of life. By means of our brand, HoopNerdz, we hope to inspire our customers to also be a "student of the game" of life. To aim at always being better than yesterday.  To allow our experiences to teach us how to attack our challenges effectively. We are here to further that education through our brand."

- Mark Dorris